People We Have Helped

"I can't express how grateful I am to PBC for connecting me with one of their trustees. Their sound advice, guidance and support helped to soften a harsh reality. They helped me negotiate a financial repayment plan that satisfied my creditors and allowed me to live within my means."
- Jennifer H., Calgary AB
"It was like someone turned on the light. Not only were they non-judgmental, they were also friendly and easygoing. With their expertise and financial knowledge, we went from believing that we had to file bankruptcy, to completing a consumer proposal that allowed us to keep our home and our assets."
- Harold W., Edmonton AB
"I was at the end of my rope when I reached out to a trustee. They helped me understand my rights, and that a bankruptcy would help me to regain control of my life. The collection companies have stopped calling me and the future is promising."
- Linda L., Kelowna, BC
"When the building boom dropped, so did my income. As a sole proprietor, I did not know who to turn to. I called a trustee and she helped me review my financial situation and showed me that if if I didn't look closer at my budget I would be headed for more serious financial troubles. She shared some budget tips and now I've learned to live on less."
- Ted J., Ottawa, Ontario
"The hardest thing I ever did was call a trustee office, but now I know I should have done so sooner. My whole life I have "accepted" my lot in life, but I learned that there are steps I can take to improve my financial future. The trustee showed me how."
- Alice S., Charlottetown, PEI