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In the News - Press releases, articles, op-edsDavid Smith, President of Personal Bankruptcy Canada, and our Member Trustees from British Columbia to Nova Scotia are committed to providing Canadians with the financial help and information they need.

Find recently published press releases, news articles and opinion pieces from David Smith and Members of the PBC Network.


August 12            Bankruptcy Industry Overcharging Canada’s Poorest $10 Million a Year

July 31                  Edmonton Journal:Opinion: Ill-served by poor attitudes toward poverty


December 23        The Night Before Christmas:Holiday Debt Style

October 4               Vancouver Sun:Opinion:Debt for Many is a Four-Letter Word

April 24                   Canadians Losing Cognitive Connection to Cash

April 3                      Fear Driving Debtors to Debt Settlement Firms

March 6                   Debt, Bankruptcy in Retirement Growing Trend

February 22           Canadians’ Debt-Fueled Powder Keg