Can a Canada Bankruptcy Trustee Help Me With Credit Repair?

Personal Bankruptcy in Canada The simple answer is no we can’t… but…. we can help people repair their credit rating for themselves. The decision to start your personal bankruptcy in Canada may be the first step to credit repair. And the more quickly you are discharged from bankruptcy, the legal term for completing your bankruptcy, the more quickly you can start credit repair   and get on with your life. Opening a saving account at a bank and making even small, regular deposits can be a great way to prove to would-be lenders, that you are responsible with money.

Another way to regain your credit rating is to contribute to an RRSP. You may even get a loan for that purpose; banks are much more likely to make a loan for that reason than for say a holiday in Tahiti. The RRSP will generate a tax refund at the end of the year which can assist in repaying the original loan.

This sequence of actions further builds your credit rating. There may be local not for profit agencies available to you that can provide further information on repairing your credit after your personal bankruptcy in Canada is completed. If this all sounds a little ‘out there’ right now for you, don’t despair – like all positive change – it starts with just one step. The next step may be to contact a Canada Bankruptcy Trustee and have a chat about your own circumstances and credit repair. Free and confidential advice is only a phone call away.