About Us

Helping Good People with Bad Debt

Debt can happen to anyone. You may not believe it now, but it’s not the end of life as you know it. Personal Bankruptcy Canada is dedicated to helping individuals and families like yours understand their options for debt relief and establish a clear path forward.

Who is Personal Bankruptcy Canada?

PBC is a vast network of Member Trustees located in cities throughout Canada who are committed to delivering quality debt help that you can understand and trust. All Member Trustees are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada. More importantly, we all share a belief that everyone deserves a second chance. PBC Member Trustees will provide you with a debt solution that’s customized for your family’s needs and can offer you legal protection from your creditors offering you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

Why Personal Bankruptcy Canada?

Personal Bankruptcy Canada was created with you in mind. We give you straight talk, options oriented, and non-judgemental advice.  We are proud to be able to offer you choices and the legal protection you need. Ultimately, you make your own final decisions, we’re there to support you along the way.

How Do We Do It?

Since 2009, Personal Bankruptcy Canada has been offering free information on how people with bad debt can move beyond their money problems and find financial freedom.  People just like you. Our Trustee Members are committed to helping you learn more about bankruptcy in Canada and the alternatives that may be available.

Personal Bankruptcy Canada was created to connect visitors with a local, licensed, debt professional they can trust. Our Trustee Members understand your situation is unique and want to help find the best option available for resolving your debt problems.

Personal Bankruptcy Canada started as a simple one-practice site in Alberta. Today, Personal Bankruptcy Canada serves visitors from British Columbia to Newfoundland.

Our mission has never changed.  We: ‘Help Good People With Bad Debt’.

What can you expect from a PBC Trustee?

  • A free non-judgmental initial consultation
  • A thorough examination of your finances
  • A recommendation that fits your unique set of circumstances
  • Answers to your questions that you can understand
  • Assistance from your trustee throughout the duration of your debt solution, whatever you choose.

To determine what debt relief option is right for you, you need to understand all the facts and a Personal Bankruptcy Canada Trustee Member will ensure that you do before you make a decision.

David Smith:  Co-Founder / President

David Smith is the Co-Founder and President of Personal Bankruptcy Canada.

David-Smith, Co-Founder/CEO

David-Smith, Co-Founder/CEO

PBC became a brainchild of David’s desire to support the work of other independent Trustees across Canada – as they too strived to make a positive difference in their people’s lives. PBC was created as a collaborative network of independent trustees each serving their own local communities yet supported by a national internet-based organization.

David was initially drawn to accountancy because he was ‘good with numbers’. He has been an insolvency professional since 1993.  Soon after he began to work with debt issues he discovered that the most satisfying part of his role was the ability to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. It is the person, not the numbers that continues to guide his approach toward helping others deal with debt issues.

A father of two young children, he is familiar with a parent’s desire to provide for their family.  He empathizes with the distress people may feel when their ability to provide for their loved ones is hampered or threatened by excessive debt. “Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that I have played a role in helping other individuals and families get back in control of their personal finance. “

David is a managing partner of Bromwich and Smith based in Calgary, serving southern Alberta.  He is a licensed bankruptcy trustee and a Member of both the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals and the provincially based Alberta Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals.

In his spare time David can be found with his family in their organic garden with the chickens and bees, learning about sustainable living.

Personal Bankruptcy Canada Trustee Members

Trustees in Bankruptcy are licensed by the Federal Government following a rigorous period of study and examination.  They are the only debt professionals licensed by the Government to assist you with proposals to your creditors and bankruptcy filings. Personal Bankruptcy Canada Members are in good standing with the Office of Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

Personal Bankruptcy Canada Trustee Members have been featured on Canada Television and Radio across Canada.